"Approaching someone with a disability is more than just feeling sorry for them. It's about giving them compassion, friendship, and love!" -Timothy Rohrer

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Looking to make friends with someone with a disability or if you're someone with a disability struggling to make friends? Join Best Buddies! 

I am Timothy Rohrer, a young adult with autism and creator of this website. I struggled to fit in with my neurotypical peers at school, my job, on social media, and even at a teen youth group. Being socially isolated frightens me.

I dream of having a girlfriend, getting invited to Sweet 16's, going to parties, going to the beach, and hanging out with neurotypical people. But this dream was difficult to accomplish.

It's upsetting that people with disabilities are not getting the chance to be with neurotypical people of their interests, age, or local location.     

Personally, when I am being socially isolated, I feel scared, uncomfortable, lonely, and lost. I experience being unaware of my surroundings, having a more difficult time learning, worsening in my facial tics, and having difficulty making proper decisions at times. Social isolation is negative. If it keeps occurring among people with disabilities, it can put their life, employment, education, health, safety, and self-esteem at risk.


Imagine what social isolation would feel like for you. How would it make you feel if you were the one being socially isolated? Think about what it would feel like for you if you went through the negative impacts of social isolation. 

With all of the fish in the sea, I hope can soon create an environment in which people with disabilities are collaborated with neurotypical people in their circle of friends and the chance for them to accomplish their dreams.

Aside from my mission to end social isolation, my other talents are drawing, painting, photography, graphic design, and computer programming. I also like to go fishing, traveling, hiking, kayaking, and volunteering with pets.



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My Creation of the Disability Inclusion Flag: 

This flag represents non-disabled people (yellow), people with disabilities (blue), and the friendship between the two (green).  

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